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  • Hydraulic 2 Hybrid upgrade
    The upgrade for the Hydraulic 2 Hybrid truck has been successfully completed. With the installation of a bigger variable pump, the accumulators are charged faster which drastically increases the fuel savings!
Disbergen Technologies develops, manufactures and sells hydraulic hybrid systems. Besides hybrid systems we also offer systems that improve the handling of loader cranes.
One of our products is the Hydraulic2Hybrid system which regenerates the braking energy and stores it into a hydraulic system. With this system the hydraulic structure of the truck can be operated in an environmentally friendly and silent way.
Interested in our products? Feel free to contact us at info@disbergentechnologies.com or by calling +31 (0) 644099841.


Hydraulic2Hybrid is built from widely used components to ensure reliability

Lifetime expectancy

Hydraulic2Hybrid means quicker loading and unloading with less mechanical wear and tear


No batteries, mostly recyclable materials and environmental friendly resources